Sep 25, 2017

Improving Contact Center Agent Efficiency Using Cloud Based, Blended Call Flows

Posted In: Agent Efficiency, Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound, Outbound, Press, Strategy Author: Mckay Bird

Businesses might be looking for a cloud based call center that enhances inbound calls to improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. Then again, they might need a call center platform that helps agents adhere to current standards and regulations, particularly when making outbound calls to sell products or collect payments. Maybe they need a […]

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Jul 28, 2017

How Cloud Contact Center Solutions Could Empower the Canadian Contact Center Industry

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound, Now Trending Author: Darrin Bird

The outlook for Canada’s general and contact center industries present an interesting picture. The country claims higher corporate profits in spite of a still-slumped economy. Meanwhile, Canadian GDP is expected to grow this year (exports have already risen) even as analysts warn the housing market poses a sizable risk. Also of note, Canada possesses a […]

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Jun 20, 2017

How to Maximize Call Center Efficiency with Blended Call Flows

Posted In: Inbound, Outbound Author: Mckay Bird

Call center efficiency translates to better margins and profits, explaining why collections agencies and customer service departments pursue ever-more efficient agents and operations. A smart method to achieve optimal call center efficiency happens with blended call flows. The process “blends” inbound and outbound calling initiatives, producing productivity and efficiency gains across your call center, agency, […]

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call center software

Dec 08, 2016

Five Times You Wish You Had a Call Center Platform

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound Author: Bob Myers

Staying in contact with customers regularly often proves challenging. Keeping the business running smoothly day-to-day requires a great deal of tasks—so much so that customer service can sometimes become a low-priority item. Add the “on-demand” element, and the difficulty increases. Customers want answers, solutions, products, services, et cetera, and they want them all now. They […]

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Nov 10, 2016

How Better Data Insights Improve Call Center Operations

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound Author: TCN

You know the saying: insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Some attribute it to Einstein, but in any event, as with most wise sayings, it applies to almost anything. For our purposes today, we are talking about call center business intelligence (BI). Think that’s a stretch? […]

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blended call center

Apr 14, 2016

Top Seven Benefits of a Blended Call Center Environment

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Inbound, Now Trending, Outbound, Strategy Author: Terrel Bird

The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) reported in 2011 that blended, or two-way, communication “between the call center and the customer can enable a positive impact on the customer experience and operational efficiencies.” The organization also found that most survey participants view blended call center environments integral to adding revenue, increasing customer satisfaction and improving […]

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Jul 20, 2015

TCN Call Center Webinar: Increasing Customer Satisfaction Using Innovative Techniques

Posted In: Conferences & Events, Inbound, Press, Webinars Author: TCN

St. George, Utah – July 20, 2015 – TCN, Inc.,a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprise, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide, will hold a webinar titled “Call Queue Back: Increasing Customer Satisfaction Using Innovative Techniques” on Thursday, July 23 at noon, MDT (2 pm, EDT). The informative training webinar will […]

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May 13, 2015

Maximize Your Efficiency with Blended Call Centers

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound, IVM, IVR, Outbound Author: TCN

Changing gears when transitioning between outbound and inbound calling can be a major headache for agents working in on-premise, hardware-based call centers. However, by implementing a blended agent gateway feature into your call center’s setup, agents will have comprehensive support in both inbound and outbound scenarios and be able make the transition seamlessly while meeting […]

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Nov 06, 2013

Service Overview

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound, Outbound Author: TCN

TCN has cloud auto dialer systems for sale. These auto dialer systems help you connect with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. We help you pinpoint those that are interested in your message and make contact. Our livelihood is staked on our guaranteed service. Check out our website to find more information on any given service […]

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Oct 30, 2013

Companies and Employees Benefit From Virtual Call Centers

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Inbound, Outbound Author: TCN

Virtual call centers are changing the business landscape by providing call center teams the opportunity to work without geographic limitations. The virtual call center model benefits employees and companies in a number of ways – they can save you money and make your telephone campaigns more effective and efficient. With call centers, you can utilize […]

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