Feb 18, 2020

How Call Quality Assurance Steers Collections from Catastrophe

Posted In: Collections, Strategy Author: TCN

Can we all agree – bill collectors have one of the most difficult professions out there? Add in customer stress that naturally arises from having conversations about money, and call center collection agents and agencies can find themselves working overtime to create a better experience and relationship with their customers. The secret: use proven call […]

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Feb 13, 2020

Call Center BI Solutions: Understanding High and Low Metrics

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Strategy Author: TCN

So much rides on the impression a customer is left with after their experience with a contact center, be it sales, reviews or a healthy long-term relationship. To underline this fact, Microsoft recently uncovered that 61% of people broke ties with a business after an awful service experience. And service expectations continue to rise – […]

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tcpa compliance

Jan 27, 2020

4 Things A Call Center Should Be Doing For TCPA Compliance

Posted In: Collections, Compliance, Strategy Author: Mckay Bird

It’s no secret that TCPA violations are popping up every day, and the cost of each is also skyrocketing. Since 1991, when the United States Congress enacted the TCPA, we have seen continually improved legislation for both call centers and consumers. However, the enactment of the TCPA has not eliminated all bad actors or violators, […]

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Coud Contact Center Solution Achieve Goals image

Jan 17, 2020

Cloud Contact Center Solutions: Meeting Your New Year’s Goals

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Strategy Author: TCN

New year, new possibilities, new goals. It all seems so hopeful and exciting until you realize hitting those targets means some big changes. Between monitoring and reviewing employee performance, managing call lists and teams and all the back-end IT which goes into a call or contact center, directors and managers rarely have any free time. […]

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call center technology

Jan 14, 2020

Turning Call Center Technology into Collections Gold

Posted In: Collections, Strategy Author: TCN

Working in collections means you’re likely opening your reports (and leveraging your call center technology) with an eye on two coffee-draining concerns: Maintaining regulatory compliance. Getting clients to pay their debts. Each of those problems requires their own unique solutions. What if you could effectively resolve both issues at the same time? Call center technology […]

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call center software female agent

Jan 09, 2020

Call Center Software: Unlocking Net Promoter Score Gains

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Strategy Author: TCN

Call center software generates easy-to-asses Net promoter scores (NPS) – one of the most popular customer satisfaction surveys used across all businesses in all industries. It’s popularity is easily explained: Companies with the highest NPS scores can receive up to 24% of their revenue from expansion compared to companies with the lowest NPS scores, and […]

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Call Center KPI Hero w Cape

Dec 11, 2019

Track These Call Center KPIs to Reveal Agents’ Superhero Powers

Posted In: Agent Efficiency, Business Intelligence, Strategy Author: TCN

Who has ever heard the saying, “You can’t measure what you don’t track?” It’s true for many aspects of life and even more applicable in the call center industry. As agents work diligently to solve their problems efficiently and effectively, the temptation for managers to stand behind their agents and not-so-subtly micromanage each moment must […]

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Customer Retention Strategies with magnet

Dec 03, 2019

Customer Retention Strategies: Cloud Contact Center Soft Skills Roundup

Posted In: Cloud Call Center Software, Strategy Author: TCN

The business media world bursts with stories of entrepreneurs starting new ventures, many of which are powered by cloud contact centers. Then their company grows exponentially as they continually gain new customers. Until they don’t. While these stories are enticing and inspiring, many of these companies end up losing massive amounts of money. The lesson: […]

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Call Quality Assurance

Call Blocking and Call Quality Assurance: Ensuring Unlimited Outbound

Posted In: Call Blocking & Labeling, Outbound, Strategy Author: TCN

Outbound calling is all about maximizing the number of connections made by agents with customers. But it’s not always a smooth process. There are regulations that must be obeyed and it’s easy to fall on the wrong side of the law. The document every call center manager needs to read is the Telephone Consumer Protection […]

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inbound contact center hacks

Nov 11, 2019

The 3 Inbound Contact Center Hacks for NPS Gold

Posted In: Inbound, Strategy Author: TCN

Ahead-of-the-curve inbound contact centers are always searching for ways to make customers happier while growing their business. Managers who focus on generating a high Net Promoter Score (NPS) by pleasing their customers speed up this process. But what exactly is NPS, and how does a company measure it? And how can companies utilize inbound contact […]

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